As regular readers of the site will know, I also write books in my “spare” time. Well, I have just completed my latest book, An Introduction to the MacBook for Babani Publishing. And yes, its a book all about Mac OS X Snow Leopard.


Here is how Babani describe my book:

Apple MacBooks are becoming much more popular now and with a choice of three models, the MacBook, MacBook Pro and the MacBook Air, more people than ever are switching from Windows machines to Macs! This book applies to all three MacBook models.
This book will guide you through setting up and using your MacBook for the first time. It will provide you with many useful hints and tips and also warnings about possible pitfalls. It will enable you to quickly and easily get much more out of your new MacBook.
Among the many topics explained are:
• A brief look at the Mac OS X “Snow Leopard” operating system
• Configuring your MacBook for the first time
• Connecting your MacBook to a printer
• Connecting your MacBook to your home network
• Making and keeping your MacBook secure
• Exploring many of the MacBook features
• Conserving battery life
• Troubleshooting
• Backing up your MacBook using Time Machine
• Getting and installing free software from the Apple AppStore
• And much more besides…
If a MacBook is your first computer or you are familiar with Windows machines but have not used a MacBook before then this is the book
for you!

The book is 128 pages in full colour and will retail for £6.99 when its released in a few weeks time.

Anyone interested can pre-order a copy now from Amazon.