NewsSeeking Beta Testers for Home Server SMART

Seeking Beta Testers for Home Server SMART


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Dojo North Software are seeking beta testers for the latest version of their Home Server SMART add-in for Windows Home Server. Are you up to the challenge?

We first reviewed Home Server SMART back in January 2010 and we really loved it. In fact, we said it was a must have add-in.


Well now DoJo North Software want some help testing the latest build –

Here is what Matt says:

First, thank you to all those that have helped with beta testing version and providing feedback. Your feedback goes a long way to helping me make Home Server SMART a better piece of software!
I posted a new beta build today @ http://www.dojonorth…rSMARTBeta.aspx (version
The new beta is primarily a bugfix release, with a few additional minor changes. The four items below are the main fixes; the “HSS-#” is the bug number on the Dojo North bugtraq site.
HSS-14: Home Server SMART does not show SMART data for any disks, and an error message is displayed on disk refresh. This was the result of improper NULL reference checking on disk enumeration. Servers with media card readers (including readers in connected printers) would cause the entire enumeration operation to fail if the reader was empty.
HSS-15: Warnings still generated server-level events even when the “Alert me to Warnings” setting was unchecked.
HSS-16: Disks that displayed SMART data in previous production build no longer show SMART data. This was the result of me eliminating WMI in favor of faster P/Invoke calls to get SMART data. USB disks require P/Invoke, but some disks only seem to like WMI and so WMI is back
HSS-17: Console crash on manual refresh. Manually refreshing the disks would cause the WHS Console to crash if the refresh was performed after running “Reset EVERYTHING” in the Settings. This is now fixed.
Please test out this build and let me know how it works out for you. If you are still finding problems, please post bugs at https://www.dojonort… or update existing bugs there. You can also download the test harness application @ http://www.dojonorth… and let me know the results. Select the test that’s most appropriate for your circumstances. For most folks, you’ll want to run “Get USB Info” if your USB disks aren’t returning SMART data and “Test All Methods” if your disks in general aren’t showing SMART data. if you have an SiI controller with disks not yielding results, try the “Is there SiI” test.
Best regards,
Matt Sawyer
Owner, Dojo North Software

So what are you waiting for? Test away……

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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