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Last week at IFA 2010, I had a look at the MediaShare Server from Verbatim.


MediaShare447490-150 MediaShare 1TB

Here is how Verbatim describe the MediaShare:

Simply share, store and stream with the Verbatim MediaShare server. The MediaShare offers up to 2 TB of storage and allows you to share photos, save and protect files, stream media and even access your content — from anywhere!

Use your MediaShare to create photo albums and send them to friends and family or upload your photos directly to Facebook. Back-up home laptops and automatically save important files directly to your MediaShare so they are in one centralized location. Stream music and photos through Sony Playstation 3, Microsoft Xbox 360 or other DLNA compliant devices.
Managing your files via remote access couldn’t be easier. Simply connect to from any internet connection.

Share Photos & more

Verbatim’s MediaShare Server makes sharing photos and videos of summer vacations and family events easy. Organise and group photos into digital albums. From there, create and automatically email an album link that allows friends and family to view or download photos and videos directly from MediaShare. Albums can be uploaded directly from MediaShare™ to Facebook® or Flickr®**

Save & Protect Files

Verbatim’s MediaShare offers easy data transfer from USB storage devices such as a USB flash or an external hard drive. There’s no need to power up a computer, just connect a storage device to the MediaShare and push the Easy-Transfer button. This simple step instantly transfers data to a designated storage folder on the MediaShare. Organise and manage files using the intuitive interface.
MediaShare also offers the following protective features:
• It is Windows Backup compatible for PC’s and Time Machine compatible for Mac users
• It allows end-users to schedule routine back-ups to a USB drive

Access Anywhere

Verbatim’s MediaShare gives consumers access to their pictures, music, videos or any files, anytime they’re needed, whether at home or visiting friends and family. Consumers simply go to from any internet connection and access their MediaShare.
From there, they can:
• Remotely upload, download and manage files
• View photos, play music and watch videos via the internet—anywhere
• View and play files on their mobile phone**

Stream Multimedia

The MediaShare offers media, iTunes and print server functions all in one centralized place. Photos, music and videos can be stored in one easy location and then listened to or viewed from other devices.
MediaShare can:
• Stream music to any PC or Mac running Apple iTunes
• Stream music and photos through Sony Playstation® 3, Microsoft Xbox 360, Digital Media Adapters or other DLNA compliant devices
• Function as a print server so anyone on a home network can access a USB printer connected to the server
• Offer users remote access for media on-the-go

Product Number: 47490
Capacity: 1TB
Dimensions: 178 x 178 x 50mm (LxWxH)
Product Weight: 1727 grams

It is certainly a small device, and looks quite cool. In fact, it looks very Apple like!

Apart from all of the above, which is now becoming the norm on these sorts of devices, Verbatim also offer a MediaShare Premium Access.

Here is what they say about it:

More features are available with an annual premium package subscription. Consumers can access additional device support and direct sharing capabilities such as mobile phone use, an iPhone app, RSS feeds, Cooliris for 3D wall photo views and direct upload of photos to Flickr. Purchase of a MediaShare Server includes a free 30-day trial of our premium package subscription.

Hmmmm, premium access to do the same as a lot of other devices do out of the box for no extra charge? I’m not sure this is a great selling point!

There is a version that also supports 2TB as well.

You can learn more about it from the Verbatim website.

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