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Watching Xvid’s On Your iPad Without Conversion


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There is a new app for the Apple iPad called CineXPlayer which will play back your Xvid’s without you needing to convert them first. And best of all the app is free!

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Here is how CineXPlayer is described:

Xvid movies on your iPad!

You love to watch your movies anywhere, anytime and take them with you on your iPad. But you realised that some of the most popular movie file formats (such as Xvid) won’t synch or play on your iPad?

CineXPlayer is the solution for you! Simply transfer your Xvid movies to your device instantly (no conversion needed).

Currently the app is free and is available in the Apple App Store.

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Just to show how easy it is to transfer Xvid’s to your iPad, take a look at the short video below:

You can learn more from the CineXPlayer website.

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