Watching Xvid’s On Your iPad Without Conversion

There is a new app for the Apple iPad called CineXPlayer which will play back your Xvid’s without you needing to convert them first. And best of all the app is free!

Converting Windows Media Center TV shows to play on the iPad

Ian over at the Digital Lifestyle.com has posted an article on how he converts his Media Center TV shows to play on his iPad following discussions we all had on the Media Center Show a few weeks ago.

In-depth look at the HP MediaSmart Server 2.5 Update for Windows Home Server

A few weeks ago I posted an article on the then forthcoming HP MediaSmart Server 2.5 Update. Well the update was released last week for all HP MediaSmart Server EX485 and EX487 owners and so I thought it was time to do a more in-depth look at this new update.

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