TechBYOB Episode 7 Out Now

BYOB Episode 7 Out Now


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The guys over at BYOB, including our very own Tim Daleo, have released BYOB episode 7 – and its all about sound and audio this week.




Here are the details on this weeks show:


This week we will be discussing “Sound and Audio”.  In addition, we have VGA adapter and a couple of Water cooled cards from EVGA as our hardware pick of the week  To kick things off we have a bit of Tech news on a possible HDMI replacement  technology.  Listen to show for more information.  We hope you enjoy this episode and remember to post your comments and questions on the forums.

Hardware News

HDMI Alternative? –

Feature – Audio

Audio Options

· Internal built in audio

· Discreet Audio Card

Speaker Options

· Computer Speakers

· Audio/Video Receiver

Definitions and reference material

Dolby 5.1 Surround –

Dolby (Digital surround EX) 6.1 –

Dolby 7.1 –

Dolby TrueHD –

DTS formats: –



PCM – Pulse-code modulation (PCM) is a method used to digitally represent sampled analog signals, which was invented by Alec Reeves in 1937. It is the standard form for digital audio in computers and various Compact Disc and DVD formats, as well as other uses such as digital telephone systems. A PCM stream is a digital representation of an analog signal, in where the magnitude of the analogue signal is sampled regularly at uniform intervals, with each sample being quantized to the nearest value within a range of digital steps.  PCM streams have two basic properties that determine their fidelity to the original analog signal: the sampling rate, which is the number of times per second that samples are taken; and the bit-depth, which determines the number of possible digital values that each sample can take.

LPCM – LPCM is used for the lossless encoding of audio data in the compact disc

Hardware Picks of the Week

USB VGA Adapter

From $50 to $70 after rebates from EVGA

Virtual Driver, not a GPU

Two new Hydro Cards from EVGA

GeForce GTX 480 ($650) and 470 ($480) Hydro Copper FTW

As usual you can listen to the show here.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
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