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CloudBerry Backup for Windows Home Server Giveaway Day 5


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Following on from the announcement last week from CloudBerry Labs about the release of CloudBerry Backup for WHS version 1.6, we have another of our UWHS Giveaways – today is Question 5.

CloudBerry (2)

The announcement about version 1.6 came out last week.

What is CloudBerry Backup for Windows Home Server you might ask:

CloudBerry Online Backup for Windows Home Server provides a powerful Backup and Restore program designed to leverage Amazon S3 storage to make your disaster recovery plan simple, reliable, and affordable.

Ok, so on to the giveaway.

Our friends at CloudBerry Labs have given us 5 copies of CloudBerry Backup for Windows Home Server to giveaway to our readers.

The way this giveaway is going to work is that for the next five days, starting today, we are going to post a question. You need to answer each question and after the 5th and final question has been posted send all the answers to us and we will select 5 correct sets of entries. Don’t worry if you already have CloudBerry Backup for WHS, you can always give it to someone else.

The giveaway is open to anyone, anywhere in the world.

So, here we go…..


What are the three restore options available in CloudBerry Backup?

CloudBerry have a great blog with lots of information (hint, hint).

So how do you enter? You need all the answers, and send them on an email to giveaways @ (remember to remove the spaces), with your name and where you are in the world. The closing date Saturday 31st July and we will announce the winners on UWHS on Sunday 1st August.

Don’t forget you will need an answer to question 1, question 2, question 3 and question 4.

You can learn more about CloudBerry Backup for WHS from the CloudBerry Lab website.

There is also a 15 day trial you can download and install by clicking here.

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