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Review of the HP Easy USB Transfer Add-In For Windows Home Server


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HP have released an add-in for Windows Home Server that makes it easy to transfer files to and from external USB drives – but it is only for HP Windows Home Servers. Here is our review.

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Here is what HP say about the Easy USB Transfer Add-In:

HP Easy USB Transfer is a free add-in that allows you to copy or move files easily between a USB drive and the HP MediaSmart Server or the HP Data Vault.  Transfer files to or from the USB drives – either way.

Simply plug your USB hard drive or flash drive directly into any USB port on the HP MediaSmart Server or the HP Data Vault.  Click on the HP MediaSmart Server or HP Data Vault icon on your desktop to open the Web site (User interface), and then click on the Easy USB Transfer icon located at the right.

From the Easy USB Transfer interface, drag a single or multiple folders or files from the USB drive to any folder on the Server, or from Server folder to the USB drive to initiate the Copy.  Hold the shift key to Move the file or folder.  You can also right click on a file or folder and Cut/Copy, Paste.

Once the transfer is initiated, no connection through your computer is required – you can disconnect or turn off your computer and the transfer will complete without a computer connected.

HP Easy USB Transfer is an HP written add-in for the HP MediaSmart Server or HP Data Vault. Easy USB Transfer works with 3.0 software from HP, including the EX490, EX495, X300, and X500 series.


Copy the msi file to the add-ins folder on your Windows Home Server.

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Just install the add-in as you would usually do. If you are not sure how, just check out our How To guide here: How to install or remove an Add-in for Windows Home Server

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You also get a little pop up telling you that the add-in was installed successfully.

12-07-2010 17-39-31


Unlike most add-ins, this one doesn’t add anything to the Windows Home Server Console. Instead you have to visit the Home Server webpage for your box (you can double click the icon on your desktop).

You will notice there is a new icon on the far right – just click it.

12-07-2010 17-48-40

This opens up the Easy USB Transfer screen. The top part of the screen is a status pane, the left pane is the USB drive and the pane on the right is your Windows Home Server.

12-07-2010 19-12-58

Connect a USB device to your Windows Home Server and you can see what is on it.

12-07-2010 19-15-47

Just drag and drop the files and folders to the right hand side to the folder where you want to copy the files and just wait.

12-07-2010 19-16-20

You can watch the progress in the status pane.

12-07-2010 19-16-34

You will also then see a job report at the end of the copy so that you can check it all worked as expected.

12-07-2010 19-16-50

Copy files to the USB device is exactly the same process, but in reverse.

12-07-2010 19-17-28

Should you lose the connection with your home server at anytime, such as if you power it off, you will see this message on webpage:

12-07-2010 19-20-34


The add-in was easy to install, and easy to use. And best of all it was free.

If you want to be able to easily copy files to and from your Windows Home Server and external USB drives then this is an add-in for you.

My only real criticism is that you have to have Remote Access running on your server in order for this add-in to work. Now that is fine if you have remote access enabled, but some people don’t want that function, and so it’s just something else that needs to be enabled before coping can commence.

Customers can get access to Easy USB Transfer through the HP MediaSmart Server and HP Data Vault Add Software page at .

The Add Software page is also accessible through the WHS Console on EX49X series products.

And don’t forget, this add-in only works on HP MediaSmart and Data Vault servers.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
I am the owner and editor of this site. I have been interested in gadgets and tech since I was a little kid. I have also written a number of books on various tech subjects. I also blog for The Huffington Post and for FHM. And I am honoured to be a Microsoft MVP since January 2008 - again this year as an Xbox MVP.


  1. How much time will this Add-In really save? I am at my desk with a USB drive with, let us say, 5 GB of data. To use this Add-In I then need to get up walk to my server (whatever room it may be in) and then plug in the USB drive. Then I need to go back to my desk and get to the HP/web interface. Then I need to initiate the copy process. Now I can shut off my PC, but cannot disconnect the USB drive until I get confirmation that it is completed. Confirmation of course would require me to have a running PC. Do I understand this process correctly?

    Conversely, I can just connect the USB drive to my already running PC and drag the files to the Shared Folder. Is this correct? If I am on a wired network, it should not take too much longer. In addition, if I am on a gigabit network it should be faster (overall) since it can copy faster than USB 2.0.

    Oh, and most of us are using all of the USB ports on our MSS right?

    I am just saying

    • its a fair point Tim!

      i think if you had terrabytes of data on external drives it might make sense, but if you had a pen drive with a few files on why bother?


  2. …and there was me thinking this might be useful. This seems to be more hassle to use than just plugging your USB drive into the server, and then using remote desktop, and the standard windows explorer to copy files around. No?

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