Today the MSN Video Player arrived as part of Windows Media Center – well, in the UK at least.

If you launch Windows Media Center, you may now see the MSN Video Player icon showing up on the TV strip.

WMC - MSN Video Player full

To install it, just click on the icon and follow the instructions.

Internet TV


It’s a very small download so it shouldn’t talk long at all.

You will need to have Silverlight 4 installed, which you can get from


When you go into the Guide now you will see all the available content, just click on something to see what you can view of it:



20-05-2010 08-22-12 20-05-2010 08-22-32


There will also be a Silverlight update for Internet TV, again this only takes a few seconds.


20-05-2010 08-22-52


And then the chosen content will play.


There is a really good mixture of programming to watch as a starting point and hopefully this will get better as time goes on, so for now why not take a look.