Swann Security have released a new security camera with state of the art night vision capabilities for helping you to protect your home.

We have reviewed security cameras in the past, including cameras from Swann: Review of the Swann ADW-300 Digital Wireless Security Camera and this is the latest, the PRO-555 Compact Day/Night Security Camera.


  • Superb video quality utilizes 1/4” CCD technology with 420 TV line resolution
  • Complete with day (colour) and night (B&W) dual-viewing mode
  • State-of-the-art night vision captures high-image clarity up to 50ft away
  • Easily connects to any TV or Swann DVR to record and store footage or view online remotely
  • Simple “plug & play” installation with dual wall or ceiling mounting options
  • Durable, all-weather aluminium housing protects the internal components from damage
  • Includes 60 ft. of BNC cable

    The specifications for the PRO-555 camera are as follows:

    Pro 555 Specs[5]




    The box contains the PRO-555 camera itself on a mount, a 60ft BNC cable, a BNC to RCA adaptor, the power adaptor, screws, stickers and instructions.



    It’s all very neatly packaged, which is pretty standard for Swann.


    Getting the camera ready to use was very simple, it was just a case of putting the camera where I wanted it to monitor, connecting the power supply and then connecting the camera to either a TV or a monitor (in my case, a Dell widescreen monitor). The camera could also be connected to one of the Swann DVR’s or to any other recording device, such as a video recorder (for those of us old enough to remember what they are) or anything that can take the input.

    The image quality was excellent – don’t be put off by the picture below, it is taken off the monitor – the actual quality was significantly better and sharper.



    This is a very good little security camera that is designed for use outside and well as in, and even had a little weather protector built-in. The night-vision mode was very good as well (sorry, the pictures were not very good so I haven’t included them).

    If you want to have some cameras around to watch your home or anything else, then you should definitely consider the PRO-555.

    There isn’t really a lot else to say about the PRO-555, you just fit it, plug it in and that’s it – it just works, and works well. I like that you can connect it to any TV, monitor or anything else that has the right inputs, and not just another device from Swann – although there are a number of DVRs from Swann you could connect it to, including the DVR-4-2500 which we shall be reviewing shortly.

    The PRO-555 retails for around £79.99 in the UK and around $130 in the US.