MicrosoftWindows Home ServerWHS Vail SDK Dashboard Introduction

WHS Vail SDK Dashboard Introduction


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Microsoft have released a new document for the WHS Vail SDK called Introduction to Vail SDK Document #1 Dashboard.

Earlier in the week we talked about the WHS Vail SDK and how you can use it to develop add-ins for the new version of Windows Home Server : Windows Home Server Vail SDK and we also mentioned Nick’s great guide to getting started with the SDK : Would You Like to Develop an Add-in for WHS Vail-

Now Microsoft have released a new document on the Dashboard and how to use the SDK to build add-ins for the Dashboard.

SDK Dashboard doc

Here is what Microsoft say about this new document:

This document gives an overview of Windows Home Server “Vail” Dashboard primarily when compared to v1 Admin Console. It also talks about the numerous extensibility points available to developers to extend Dashboard.

At a high level, the document outlines how one can build different types of Dashboard addins and plug into the existing Microsoft tabs, wizards and property pages.

The audience for this document is anyone who has already developed addins for Windows Home Server or who is just starting to get ramped up on the new “Vail” SDK. Level of coding expertise needed to follow the document is very low to none, since it talks at a high level about ‘what could be done’ and does not delve into ‘how it could be done’. Detailed documentation for the latter is available in the SDK.

The document itself is only 11 pages, but if you are interested in developing anything for WHS Vail then it is worth a read.

You can download it from here, after signing in to Microsoft Connect:

This is only document number 1, so keep watching for other documents from Microsoft for helping your development experience.

Have you developed an add-in yet for Vail? Have you got some ideas? Let us know……

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