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tWHSas the Friday night before Christmas Again

Last Christmas Tim wrote a little fable for you all - as Christmas Day is tomorrow, and today is a Friday, I thought it only right to share it again. Merry Christmas!

3TB Western Digital Drive on a UEFI day night

Leave it to UsingWindowsHomeServer, BYOB and the Home Server Show Podcasts to be the first to bring you an article for installing Windows 7 in UEFI on a 3TB Western Digital drive. I dropped the $200 for a 3TB drive at Best Buy and spent this Friday night doing a simple UEFI installation of Windows 7. Read on to find out more about this easy installation.

Build Your Own 500GB USB 3.0 Drive for $74.98 on a Friday night

I had a Mahjong game planned for Friday night so I only had a few minutes for a project this week. I decided to bring new life to a used 2.5” hard drive and make it a speed demon. If you have a USB 3.0 card that has been waiting for a pluggin’ then this short article is for you!

HTPC Noise Reduction on a Friday night

My two month old HTPC build has recorded over 150 hours of television so far and performed flawlessly. Looking back, it was a solid build but it is slightly louder than I would like. This Friday night I decided it was time to make this HTPC the first member of my Decibel Reduction Program (DRP). Read on to find out more about the DRP and how this HTPC went on a sound diet!

Restoring a PC to downgrade back to iTunes 9 on a Friday night

So yeah, I downloaded iTunes 10 as soon as it was available earlier this week. Early adopter I am. Not such a good thing this new iTunes is. Not only is iTunes 10 just another bulky application, it no longer works with Windows Home Server. I had already upgraded when all the WHS sites started talking about the incompatibility. What’s a boy to do? Restoring was my only solution. Seriously.

Installing the Windows Home Server Vail Beta Refresh on a Friday night – Video Edition

This Friday night I decided to upgrade my Vail Beta test server to the new Vail Beta Refresh. Are you interested in upgrading to the new Vail Beta Refresh? Check out this article and watch the 10 minute video for an introduction to the Vail Beta Refresh and an overview of the installation process.

Building an under cabinet HTPC on a Friday night

This Friday night I wanted to build a compact and low power HTPC to record four television streams from my SiliconDust HD Homerun tuners. This was a fun build but I had a couple of gotchas along the way. This easy build was only $230 and is something you could do next Friday night!

BYOB Episode 3 Out Now

This weeks BYOB podcast is out and the feature build is one of Tim’s builds.

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