MicrosoftWindows Home ServerWHS Mobile v. Add-In for Windows Home Server Released

WHS Mobile v. Add-In for Windows Home Server Released


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WHS Mobile is a utility that lets you manage your Windows Home Server files, port forwards, and users using your iPhone or iPod Touch, and it has just been updated to version It is written by Brent Friedman, and Brent is certainly knocking out the updates thick and fast!

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Here is what Brent has to say about the new version:

The next version of WHS Mobile is here, this brings embedded icons, fixes foreign characters, fixes the alert number in the app icon, and more.

Change Log

Fixed: Spaces in user names with streaming. Had left some code out by mistake.
Fixed: Japanese/Chinese characters in files and folders making the folder/file not load properly.
Added: Uploading an image from your iPhone’s storage or camera will not ask for a file name anymore. Instead, the name is auto-generated from the date and time.
Added: Embedded icons for shares, folders, and most file types. Share and folder icons can be overridden with a “folder.jpg” file inside said folder/share.
Fixed: Handling of folders with mp3s if a folder.jpg file was not found as well (would show an error in the Event Log).
Added: Swipe to the right to show a “delete” button in the file tab. Tap to delete or swipe back to the left to hide.
Changed: XML to JSON in an attempt to speed up browsing.
Changed: Application badge (number) not clearing as it should. Made the app clear the badge on start. Was originally supposed to do that when the notification was cleared on the WHS.
Changed: Thumbnails are resized keeping the aspect ratio (again)
Changed: Optimized memory usage and fixed some leaks
Changed: Made some other tweaks as when I changed from XML to JSON.

Check for the add-in.

Well done Brent – keep up the good work, seriously!

The add-in is free, but you need to purchase the iPhone or iPod Touch app from the Apple App Store. Its only a few dollars and well worth it.

I will be doing a full review shortly (when I can find the time!) :-)

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