TechNanovision MiMo UM-740 and Windows Home Server

Nanovision MiMo UM-740 and Windows Home Server


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Well as a home automation buff and like most of us when I come across an article involving windows home server, I have to sound off like the town crier.

The Nanovision MiMo UM-740 is a 7″ monitor that is fully USB powered. It has a built in camera and mic as well a touch-screen. The monitor is driven by DisplayLink which allows the monitor to take on the role of a primary monitor for use with Windows Home Server.


To read the full article, go here:

Thank you Terracode for a great article, Is this cool or what 🙂

Greg Welch aka WELCHWERKS A Real Estate Agent with a passion for WHS, Media Center and Home Automation projects, I am MCP,A+ certified also enjoy Building systems such as Phase Change and Peltier , although now I am on the green bandwagon low power 24/7 systems and alike.

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