TechInstalling the Tranquil PC Safe Server Module

Installing the Tranquil PC Safe Server Module


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After reviewing the SQA-5H-SAFE server last week, that is basically a Tranquil PC SQA-5H with the Safe Server Module (SSM) already installed, I figured it was about time we looked at installing the SSM into an existing SQA-5H.


The SSM is designed specifically to be housed in a SQA-5H Home Server.

IMG_2038 IMG_2040IMG_2039 IMG_2053

It comes delivered with 2x 500GB 2.5” HDDs, prepared in a RAID1 mirror array, including a Tranquil build of Windows Home Server (PP3) for either the Series 1 or Series 2 SQA-5H.

It can simply be added to an existing SQA-5H – and the Server initialised again (losing the DATA), or you can Restore the Home Server with the supplied new DVD, with the SSM fitted and recover your DATA *

Have a look at the earlier article I did on the SSM by clicking here.


Tranquil recommend that if you are installing the SSM into a SQA-5H yourself that you remove the tin plate on the hard disk carrier first.

To make this easier to understand (not that it is difficult) I have detailed the process below.

This is the tin plate you need to remove (this is so that the SSM sits better in the carrier and that you can also see the SSM HDD LEDs through the tray).


Remove the 4 screws (2 on each side) of the disk carrier.


Slide out the side rails carefully.


Gently pry out the tin plate.


This is what it will then look like.


Slide the rails back in place and put the 4 screws back in.


Fit the SSM into the drive carrier.


Now all you need to do is ensure the SQA-5H is powered off.

You now have two options, you can perform a server reinstallation using the special Tranquil PC WHS Server Restore DVD that you get with SSM or you can perform a clean install.

The choice is yours.

I did both to make sure it works and I can honestly say I had no problems at all with either. Both were very smooth – obviously the reinstallation took longer than the clean install.

The Restore DVD comes with a WHS Power Pack 3 image which will save you a lot of time performing all the updates – so well done there Tranquil, and it also contains the AVA Media CD ripping Add In (which will only work on a SQA-5H).


The SSM will work in other Windows Home Servers, you don’t have to use it in the Tranquil PC SQA-5H.

I did a post about a week ago describing how it fits in various Windows Home Servers.

To read that post, click here.


Priced at £169.00 + VAT, the SSM represents excellent value for money, bearing in mind the system protection it offers, and ease of replacement of the primary (OS + DATA) HDD.  You also will receive a desktop application to help you to monitor the SSM, and also setup email messaging to alert you to the status of the SSM.  You will also be able to re-use your existing HDD1 as a server storage or backup drive !

Installing it in an existing SQA-5H was a breeze, and I’m fairly confident it will be the same in any other Windows Home Server (something I will try another time and report back).

You can order your SSM from here.

Andrew Edney
Andrew Edney
I am the owner and editor of this site. I have been interested in gadgets and tech since I was a little kid. I have also written a number of books on various tech subjects. I also blog for The Huffington Post and for FHM. And I am honoured to be a Microsoft MVP since January 2008 - again this year as an Xbox MVP.


  1. Hi Andrew,

    I will look forward to the MSWHS trial and how the software plays with it.

    Thanks for the pics

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Did you use your original (Power Pack 1?) CD to re-initialise the server or is there another way of doing it? Using the PP1 CD uninstalls the PP3 connector and installs the "old" version – does this then work? (You may infer that mine doesn't!)

  3. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks, the Tranquil instructions are ambiguous in that they say "Initialise the server as you did the first time" – to me this means use the original CD as that has an "Initialise your server" menu item.

    In any event, I have solved my problem now – there was a poor SATA connection between the SSM and the motherboard.


  4. Sorry to trouble you again but I can't see how to install the monitor software on the SQA-5H I've copied the msi and xml files from the DVD to the Add-ins folder but it doesn't appear in the list of available addins?

  5. Hi Andrew,

    Well that seems pretty pointless to me (especially with the email alert function) since the only machine I have running 24/7 is the WHS. I definitely get the impression from the Tranquil web site that the Monitor installs on the server AND any connected PC's you may wish to use, but as you say elsewhere their instructions leave a lot to be desired.

    On my connected PC's the software (with that default IP address for the mailserver which appears) is "Unable to Connect to SMTP server". I haven't read all of the HUGE pdf manual though 🙂


    • Yeah, it is supposed to be able to work on the server, but installing it yourself by connecting to the desktop via Remote Desktop. If you can get it work then that should solve the issue of the computer being on all the time.

      I also had to open ports on my firewall to get things to work as well!


  6. Well I appear to have received 4 emails from my home server during the night! (they have come from "")

    I don't understand this, but I have a ticket open so maybe Tranquil can enlighten me!


    • Thanks Alan

      What did the emails say?

      If you look at the article I pointed you to yesterday you will see I got emails as well, and they were just informational. You get them from that address as that is the "reply" address. Plus Tranquil get a copy of your alert emails to help support you.

      Let me know what they come back with.


  7. Typical message

    "Your SSM has issued the following STATUS

    Partition started verifying rebuild process."

    But pass the thicky baton please 🙂 I didn't realise that the Silicon Image software must have been pre-installed and was running as a service on the server (remote desktop'd into it). When I ran it on a connected PC it must have passed my email address to the server version?

    It would have been helpful if they'd mentioned this in the instructions though.


    • yeah, the instructions left a little to be desired, I spoke with Tranquil at the time and pointed out a couple of errors, including that they didnt tell you the password on the SAFE server!

      Yep, those are the same messages I got sent when I tested the partitions – all normal stuff.


  8. The password is buried in the "large" Steelvine manual – that's one thing I did get right!


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