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Tranquil Still Committed to Windows Home Server Now More Than Ever

With the shock news last week about the removal of Drive Extender from Windows Home Server Vail and now the news today that HP are out of the Windows Home Server market, people are wondering who might be next to leave – I spoke to Tranquil and they are committed now more than ever to Windows Home Server.

Installing the Tranquil PC Safe Server Module

After reviewing the SQA-5H-SAFE server last week, that is basically a Tranquil PC SQA-5H with the Safe Server Module (SSM) already installed, I figured it was about time we looked at installing the SSM into an existing SQA-5H.

In Depth Review of the Tranquil PC SQA-5H-SAFE Windows Home Server

Tranquil PC have released the series 2 SQA-5H Windows Home Server along with the Server Safe Module. We managed to get our hands on the SQA-5H-SAFE model, so the review here is both for the series 2 SQA-5H and the SSM.

The Tranquil PC SSM and Other Windows Home Servers

So I got my hands on a Tranquil PC SSM that is designed for the SQA-5H, but will it fit in other Windows Home Servers?

A Quick Look at the Tranquil PC SSM (Safe Server Module) for Windows Home Server

A couple of weeks ago we reported on the news that Tranquil PC were launching something to help protect your Windows Home Server known as the Safe Server Module, or SSM. Today I got my hands on one.

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