This morning we got word of a new add-in for Windows Home Server called Time Traveler. This is what their website has to say:

Time Traveler allows a WHS user to create roll-back points for changed files within any WHS Share.  Directly using the WHS Console, a user can select to roll-back a file/folder/Share to any point in time.  It’s a great idea that should be built-into WHS already.

What is Time Traveler for Windows Home Server?

Time Traveler is software built specifically for Windows Home Server (WHS). It is a true WHS add-in which runs directly from the WHS Console.  Time Traveler allows you to revert-back to any version of a file stored on your WHS PC

Why do I need Time Traveler for WHS?

If you’ve ever lost data by accidently overwriting a file with a new version of the file or simply realized that an older version of a file contained more pertinent information then Time Traveler is for you

Where can I purchase Time Traveler for WHS?

You can purchase the software directly from our webstore.  A trial version is also available

More details can be found on the website.


Version 1.0 is available for download now.  A trial version is also available.  The trial version’s only limitation is that it only allows a maximum of 25 rollback points.

The cost of this add-in is £19.36. Expect a review soon.