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Tech Tip on a Tuesday Morning – Download Microsoft Office Professional Plus 2010 Beta


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Microsoft is giving us all an opportunity to try and test the new Office 2010 Professional suite. I am excited to try out the new version and see what 2010 has in store for us!

Tech Tip

The Beta Office suite includes all of the following applications: Microsoft Office 2010

Download Link and Installation

There are some basic system requirements to meet but if you have a decent computer you should be fine. Check with the link below to verify your system is compatible.

Download and installation is easy. The link for the Beta is at:

Click on Get it Now and follow the prompts. You need to enter your Microsoft user data and then download the exe file.

Microsoft Office 2010

The download is a huge file so be patient.

Microsoft Office 2010

Once the download is complete just run the file.

Microsoft Office 2010


The applications are all Beta versions but work just like a standard version.

Microsoft Office 2010

The new interface seems better than ever!

Microsoft Office 2010

I am very impressed so far with the new software suite. I hope you get a chance to try it!

See you next Tuesday,


Timothy Daleo
Timothy Daleo is a Project Resource Analyst and Oracle Applications Trainer in Pasadena, California. In addition to financial analysis, Tim has been developing training materials since 2003 and supporting direct projects through various auxiliary databases since 2005.


  1. Thanks Tim

    I have been using Office 2010 since the technical preview earlier in the year, and upgraded to the Beta release recently and I think its great!


  2. During Beta testing of Windows 7 I got use to using the Live services and kind of stopped using my Office 2003 for a few reasons none of which had anything to do with the app. Then I bought my little netbook and it came with Office 2007 on it so I started playing around with it. Then I found the app One Note and just dig the hell out of that little program! No more countless Note Pad, Word docs or internet shortcuts and the like all over my desktop. Now I no longer have all of this cluttering up my desktop and instead have all of this information in one One Note notebook. I keep the notebook on my Netbook and as I work in One Note on my desktop at work and home it stays synced up on the fly so I always have everything with me when I need it. I really can't wait until I really know how to use all of the One Note features. I even like the Ribbon in 2010, it seems to be revamped and works better all though I will say I didn

    • Fasthair:

      OneNote is great. Put the "notebook" (data) on your WHS and use a sync copy on your netbook (and other computers). The sync function works best from a shared network resource, and WHS is ideal. Try "print to OneNote" print driver (comes with it). It will find and index all text, even in a picture. It might be the best software MS ever wrote.

      • MikeM,

        Wow thanks for the tips sir. This works great! Hadn't got around to the network or printing deal yet and this makes so much more sense.


  3. I am getting ready to download this beta. I have one (we know better) question. What happens when the beta trial period is over. Do I lose these programs til I pay the money or do I go back to office 2007 or what?

    • That depends on what you use and how you use it. If you save all your files in compatability mode (for example all your Word files as .doc) they should work fine.


  4. Do we still call it the ribbon? I like the Information area. I like all of the information and I see the total editing time too. I did not know earlier versions kept track of this metadata.

  5. In File>Options>Save the default file save format is *.docx which is the same as 2007. Any files you have saved will be in the right format although I guess there could be some small 2010 functionality issues.


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