TechXtreamer Media Streamer Silent Cooling Coming Soon

Xtreamer Media Streamer Silent Cooling Coming Soon


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A few weeks ago we reviewed the Xtreamer Media Streamer, and one of the things we noted was the noise.

Got this today from the UK Xtreamer guys:

However, some reviewers and consumers have reported that the device can make a noise in operation.

The small fan fitted to the device is there to cool the main controller / processor as it is busy, especially during playback of HD video.

Xtreamer themselves do provide a fan speed control feature, which can slow the fan down, and there is a new fan version expected soon, to further reduce the background noise.

tc4_side_800 However, (UK Partner / distributor of the Xtreamer) in co-operation with Tranquil (designer of fan less cooling systems) are shortly to release a new ‘side cooler’ for the Xtreamer.

This simple to fit (after sales) item will render the Xtreamer silent.  Factory test results confirm that the cooler is perfect to keep the chips cool, whilst only getting warm to the touch.

No final word on shipping date yet, or the unit cost, but it’s hoped that the coolers will be ready to pre-order soon.

Here is a picture of the custom alloy cooler fitted to the little Xtreamer.

Sounds to me like a winner – I will try and get my hands on one asap and review!

Andrew Edney
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  1. Hey Andrew!!

    Please give us more info about this heatsink for the Xtreamer!!

    Who are those "UK Xtreamer" guys!?!??!

    There is only one official Xtreamer site and those are Korean.

    • HI Jennifer

      Unfortunately I dont have any more information to share at the moment on the cooler – other than it will be cheap and it looks cool 🙂

      Yes, the Xtreamer is made in Korea, but there are "partners" throughout the world who sell it in those regions, and here in the UK, the UK Xtreamer guys are actually a company called Tranquil PC who have been making machines for years, so they have developed this silent cooler based on their cooling experiences.

      More information when I get it.


      • Why are you the only person on earth who knows about the existence of this product? 😀

        People around the world are eagerly waiting for more NEWS!!

        Please tell them to HURRY!!!!!! 🙂

        This thing will sell a lot if it's going to be cheaper than the currently, widely used cooling alternative using the "Scythe Ita Kaze" cooler.

        If not, R.I.P.

        • Jennifer – they only announced it on Saturday 🙂

          And dont worry, I am pushing for more information and a unit! And I believe it will be VERY cheap!


  2. This will definitely be a winner for xtreamer owners as the fan noise is SOOOOOOOOOOOO irritating !

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