MicrosoftWindows Home ServerWindows Home Server Add-In : LightsOut 0.8.0. Released

Windows Home Server Add-In : LightsOut 0.8.0. Released


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LightsOut is a Windows Home Server Add-in that is used to put your Windows Home Server into a suspended mode or hibernation and resume on user defined events.

LightsOut is one of those really useful Add-Ins that has been around for a little while now but certainly worth having. And great news for fellow WHS MVP Martin Rothschink is that Acer have licensed LightsOut for their Aspire easyStore Windows Home Server. Well done Martin!

What has changed since 0.7.7?

In particular, LightsOut has been localized into French, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese, besides the already existing English and German versions.

A brief summary of the main changes:

  • Whenever a restore operation is detected, LightsOut keeps the server running for 2 hours for each selected volume
  • The help file is now opened on the server and no longer requires a LightsOut client installation
  • The Uptime diagram shows tooltip details about computers and remote access
  • A version check has been added for SB Core service. When a fixed version is detected, a warning is no longer displayed.

Some more small changes and fixed have been added into 0.8.0.

We will have a full review and walk-through on LightsOut soon.

Until then, for more information on LightsOut, and also to download it, click here.

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  1. Just figuring out the home server and after banging my head for a couple nights I have this working pretty good on a ecycled PC of mine. I have a sonic wall for a router (No UPnP) and vpns to the office and static settings, but I now have this working ok. LightsOut seem to be something I will support I want to keep the server hibernated unless it is needed. Is there a way to wake the server from outside the house? I know the static IP and can access the home server using https://xx.xx.xx.xx (my static ip) How can I send a magic packet to wake it from a web browser outside the house? This would be very green as we can kee the server hibernating until we need it even when we are out. Great job on your program!

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