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New WHS Addin For Event Monitoring


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Dave Mercer has developed a cool new add-in to monitor the events on your WHS. He posted this to the WHS forums:

I’ve developed a new Add-In. It’s an NT-Service that listens on event logs and sends emails when events match specific RegEx’s. Its got a WHS Tab Extender for configuration. This is just a first version. I plan on enhancing it with monitoring of home server events and S.M.A.R.T. monitoring.

I’d really appreciate some comments and feedback so that I cane improve it. There’s a form mailer on my website to contact me.

You can find it at:

Check it out, its really useful.

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  1. v1.0.1.0 is available

    Version – Oct 29, 2007

    Bug Fixes based on user feedback

    * Removed spurious tooltip and fixed typos – Jerry
    * Clarified UI a little – Roy
    o added tooltips
    o changed Regex defaults in event grid view to default to "All" versus ".*"
    o warning dialog if a user selects "All" for the event types in a log to avoid spam
    * Changed msi name from SDK default – Simon
    * I now allow for unauthenticated SMTP. – Jake
    I cannot test this on my hosting service so pls let me know if it works.
    * Fixed Aggregation timer bug that nobody has noticed

    Important: Uninstall any old versions first. Failure to do so is an undefined situation.

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