Z-Wave to Demonstrate Home Automation From the Himalayas!

Z-Wave is planning to demonstrate Z-Wave home automation from 26,000 feet up in the Himalyas this month! Read on for details.

Installing A Schlage Touchpad Motorized Z Wave Deadbolt

This weekend, I installed a new Schlage touchpad motorized Z Wave deadbolt onto my front door. Read on for details!

Installing a Z-Wave Nexia System

About a week or so ago, I purchased a Schlage lock, lamp module and Z-Wave bridge, and set up a new Nexia system to control these components. Here is the story of my installation!

Home Automation: Z-Wave Alliance Interview

I recently decided to revisit the home automation space to see what options are out there to make it easier to control my home. Fortunately, when I was out at CES2013 in January, I made some connections to help me to gauge the marketplace. In particular, I want to thank Mark Walters from the Z-Wave Alliance for answering some of my industry questions. Here is the interview, conducted via email, with Mark.

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