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Microsoft announces Windows 10 for 29th July

Today Microsoft has announced that Windows 10 will launch on 29th July, on new laptops, PCs and tablets, plus be available as a free upgrade...

Welcome to the New Surface 3 from Microsoft

Microsoft Corp has today introduced a new Surface, the Surface 3. Like Surface Pro 3, it’s a tablet that can replace your laptop but is...

Now Xbox Music can play music added on Onedrive

Today Microsoft has announced that Xbox Music has integrated with OneDrive to allow access to your entire personal music collection from your Xbox Music...

Project Spark has a release date

Today Project Spark has now has a release date, with the game is currently in open beta on Xbox One and Windows 8.1, aspiring game...

Microsoft shows off Windows 8.1 update at Build 2014

As with the current generation of Windows, Microsoft made a pretty big bet on touch and mobility. Along with building on top of the strong...

Microsoft announces Spring update for Windows 8.1

Today Microsoft at Mobile World Congress announced the first update to Windows 8.1, with Microsoft's Joe Belfiore, who is responsible for phones, tablets, and...

Windows 8.1 is available now

Microsoft today announced the global availability of Windows 8.1, a feature-rich update to its popular Windows 8 operating system, enabling customers to create experiences that keep pace with their lives — at work, at home or on the go.

Microsoft Updates Surface Product Line with the Surface 2

MIcrosoft today announced an update to their Surface line of tablets, upping the processors, updating the kickstand, revising accessories and otherwise making the new generation a more compelling option. Read on for details!

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