Kingston Releases MobileLite Wireless for Apple and Android Mobile Devices

Kingston Digital Europe today announced the release of MobileLite Wireless. MobileLite Wireless is the next generation of the innovative Wi-Drive portable wireless storage device Kingston released in 2011, for Apple and Android devices.

Kingston Wi-Drive gets a firmware update; brings web support

Kingston have updated the firmware on their Wi-Drive device to v1.00.15.

Product Review: Kingston Wi-Drive

Do you have an iPad or another tablet device, and want to expand storage options? Kingston was nice enough to provide me with a 16GB Wi-Drive that helps you to do just that. Read on for the review.

Kingston Digital Wi-Drive Now Supports Kindle Fire

Kingston Digital, today announced an app to enable Wi-Drive use with Kindle Fire.

Kingston Digital Updates Wi-Drive App

We have mentioned the Kingston Wi-Drive in the past, now today Kingston have updated the Wi-Drive app.

Kingston Wi-Drive Now Available for Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Users

Back in June we told you about the Kingston Wi-Drive being announced – well now it’s available.

Kingston Announce the Wi-Drive for Apple iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch Users

Last week Kingston announced the Wi-Drive, which is a wireless, portable storage system for Apple devices, such as the iPad and the iPhone.

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