2K announces the Mafia 3 PC Specs released today

Before Lincoln Clay goes to war against the Italian Mob in Mafia III, he needs to gear up and systematically plan his attack. Same...

Titanfall PC Specs Revealed

Last night on twitter the Titanfall's minimum PC specs was revealed by Respawn co-founder the one and only Vince Zampella. Via the post on Twitter, Vince Zampella explained that...

Total War: Rome II launch trailer released

SEGA have released a new trailer for Total War: Rome II.

Total War: Rome II Hannibal trailer released

SEGA have released a new trailer for Total War: Rome II featuring Hannibal.

Total War: Rome II Campaign Let’s Play video

Trish Ryniak and Campaign Designer Dom Starr from Creative Assembly are discussing factions, diplomacy and the campaign map in this episode of Let’s Play- Total War: ROME II- Campaign.

Total War: Rome II PC specs revealed

SEGA have released the specs for the PC version of Total War: Rome II and you are going to need a lot of hard drive space.

Welcome to the World of Xbox One

Don Mattrick has just taken to the stage at the Xbox reveal to announce Microsoft's latest console. He started off by revealing that using...

Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 Specs Leak

The Samsung Galaxy Ace 3 smartphone's specs have been leaked online on a benchmarking website. It is touted as a budget-friendly addition to the...

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Review: Here Be Dragons

So it turns out the age of misinformation isn't quite a recent as we once thought... according to Red Zero Games at least. In...

Review: Through the Darkest of Times

Through the Darkest of Times is an excellent strategy game. Its central premise is to form and grow an opposition group within Germany. In...

Review: Balancelot

Who says that a knight needs a horse. A unicycle is all that is required.

Review: Ghost of Tsushima

An immersive experience: Picture this: a Japanese field cascaded in white tulips. Two Samurai are locked in motion, readying their blades. Natures ambience acting as...

Review: The Childs Sight

The darkness is a scary place for a child. Shadows turn into monsters, and there is always something hiding, wanting to get you.

Review: Unspottable

Hide and Seek is supposed to be a gentle game, not anymore!