The Digital Lifestyle Show 279 There Back!

Ian over at the Digital Lifestyle has just released the Digital Lifestyle Show podcast number 279 – and I’m back on the show!

Blu-ray 3D Disc Playback Comes to the Sony Playstation 3

Today Sony released the 3.50 update to the PS3 system software which brings with it support for Blu-ray 3D disc playback, as long as you have a 3D TV.

Sony Introduce an All In One Web Sharing Device Called the Bloggie Touch

Again, at IFA 2010 last week, Sony announced a new all in one web sharing device called the Bloggie Touch. This isn’t the first Sony Bloggie device but it looks like the first one worth having.

Sony Announce Qriocity at IFA 2010

One of the many announcement at IFA 2010 last week came from Sony who announced their Qriocity service.

Sony Dash Personal Internet Viewer Gets An Update

Sony’s Personal Internet Viewer, the Dash, is getting a software update.

Sony Announce New Vaio P Ultra Portable Notebook

Sony have announced a new version of its slim Vaio P ultra portable notebook, and it has a few new features.

The Sony dash Personal Internet Viewer

Would you like your own little personal internet viewer delivering your favourite parts of the internet to you? If you would, then look no further than the new Sony dash Personal Internet Viewer.

Review of the Sony Vaio P Series Ultra Portable Notebook

Way back at CES 2009, yes, 2009 not 2010, I have been in wonder of the Sony Vaio P series ultra portable notebook. 14 months later I managed to get my hands on one of the new models.

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