EE brings 4G to 12 More Towns across the UK

EE has expanded its 4G network to 12 more towns and cities across the UK. Ashton-under-Lyne, Chatham, Gillingham, High Wycombe, Merthyr Tydfil, Oldham, Oxford, Rochester,...

Video Signal, Connectors and Cables – A Supplement to BYOB #30

In BYOB podcast #30 we talk about video connectors and discuss all of the detail you need to know when connecting a monitor to your PC. There are once again many terms in this sermon so grab this post so you can follow along and see if your system is optimized and find out what cables are right for you.

TV Signal and Your PC – A Supplement to BYOB Podcast #13

When we consider buying a TV Tuner for our PC we see terms like NTSC, ATSC and PAL. What do these terms mean? What type of tuner do I want? What is a dual tuner? What countries have what signal? Do I get HD? Why did my picture not go to HD after the digital transition. What is Switched Digital Video? If you have had these questions check out this article!

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