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Review: Syberia 3

Benoît Sokal is back with Syberia 3, a game that launched on multiple platforms in 2017. With the events of Syberia 2 behind her,...

Review: Syberia 2

Following on from the success of Syberia, Benoît Sokal and his team at MC2-Microïds developed the sequel, Syberia 2, and released it in 2004....

Review: Strange Horticulture

Something Strange is Afoot in Undermere There’s been a murder. Something as malicious as it is ancient has awoken in the town of Undermere. With...

Review: Anagrams

Anagrams by Hero Game Co LLC is advertised as a relaxing brain-teasing game with over 1400 word-solving problems. This is the kind of game...

Review: Moncage

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L3aOi8bWOCE Moncage is hard. It’s a puzzle game that looks like it will be a breeze. It gives off this chill, relaxing vibe, but in...

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Review: Unknown Number

When your voice is your strongest weapon.

Review: HONOR Pad 8

Review: Gamesir X2 Pro

Review: Apex 9 TKL