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Jonah Ehlers

A lover of films, dogs and cooking, even though I'm terrible at it most days. Ever since my first console (the legendary PS2) I have had an immense love for Video games. It has given me some of my favourite memories, my closest friends and countless hours of fun.

Review: Panorama Cotton

Panorama Cotton is a product of two things. It’s time, and Japan. This means a couple of things. It’s creative and visually impressive especially...

Review: Procession to Calvary

Melting Pot of Madness What do you get when you mix the aesthetic of renaissance paintings, the sounds of classical music, surrealist dark humour, the...

Review: Death’s Door

Now I am Become Death A sentient crow, wielding weapons and magic in order to reap the souls of those unwilling to let go of...

Review: Blue Reflection: Second Light

It took me longer than I was expecting to figure out whether or not I actually liked Blue Reflection: Second Light. There were moments...


Origin Story Before I could get my hands on my own console (the lovely PS2) my best bet to play a video game was on...

Review: Samudra

My Fears As a child the ocean scared me, and if I’m being honest there’s still a bit of residual fear as an adult. I’d...

Review: OPUS: Echo of Starsong

It’s been a while since I’ve played a game with this much effort put into worldbuilding. Opus: Echo of Starsong is positively oozing with...

Review: Dark Nights with Poe and Munro

Welcome To August Dark Nights with Poe and Munro is the game in question today. A collection of six interactive episodes following the odd and...

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Master the Battle Frame and save your family!

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