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Jonah Ehlers

A lover of films, dogs and cooking, even though I'm terrible at it most days. Ever since my first console (the legendary PS2) I have had an immense love for Video games. It has given me some of my favourite memories, my closest friends and countless hours of fun.

Preview: Melatonin

Get out of my dreams, and into my cart.

Review: Oaken

The term “Early-Access” gets a bit of a bad rap. There are all sorts of negative connations floating around this gaming category, and rightly so. However, it looks like Oaken just might break the mould. 

Review: Time Keeper

In Time Keeper puzzles, platforms, time travel and sentient robots are the order of the day. And the combination was more enjoyable than I anticipated.

Review: Postal 4: No Regerts

Postal 4: No Regerts really tested me. Not because it was challenging, mind you. It never left me scratching my head trying to solve puzzles that would give the riddler a run for his money. Nor were my hands left with drenched palms from intense firefights. What this game really tested was my patience.

Review: Itorah

Here’s an easy no-measurement one-bowl recipe. Combine some solid platforming, almost too easy melee combat, a light splash of Metroidvania elements, a gorgeous Meso-American...

Review: Tape: Unveil the Memories

Sins of the Father In the small town of Antumbria, Spain in 1997, Iria, our protagonist, finds an old videotape from her father. An acclaimed...

Review: The Last Sunshine: Rekindled

Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night Welcome to the end of the universe! The Last Sunshine: Rekindled is a challenging shoot ‘em up/bullet-hell...

Review: No Place Like Home

What Have We Done? The planet’s a mess and everyone who could afford it has fled to Mars. Leaving fauna and flora behind to struggle...

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