VODAFONE UK Teams up with Qualcomm and Ericsson to lab test 5G processor and smartphone

Vodafone UK, Qualcomm Technologies Inc. and Ericsson are conducting ‘over the air’ tests with 5G technology and a device that is similar in size...

Lenovo Introduces the Miix 2 Convertible Windows 8.1 Tablet

Introducing the Lenovo Miix 2, a convertible Windows 8.l tablet with powerful PC processing, The Windows 8.1 tablets with 10" or 11.6" Full HD displays and...

No Octa Core for UK Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 will reportedly arrive in the UK with a 1.9GHz quad core chip on board, rather than the more powerful processor of other world territories. T3 is reporting that Britain will not be one of the markets to receive the 1.6GHz octa-based models of the handset at launch.

Intel Announce the Quad-Core 3rd Generation Intel Processors

Intel announce the World’s First 22nm Quad-Core Processors Bringing Up to Twice the Visual Performance for Unmatched Overall PC Experiences.

Microsoft Talks About Building Windows 8 for the ARM Processor Architecture

In the next in their Windows 8 series, Microsoft talk about Building Windows for the ARM processor architecture.

Tranquil PC Riley Server Pricing Announced

Further to the information we have been sharing about the new Tranquil PC Riley Servers, we can now reveal the pricing – and we have a very special offer code.

NVIDIA SLI Multi-GPU Technology Power World’s Fastest Desktop Gaming Platforms

NVIDIA SLI Multi-GPU Technology Paired with Intel Core i7 Extreme Edition Processors Power World’s Fastest Desktop Gaming Platforms.

Apple Quietly Updates MacBook Pro Range

Today Apple updated it’s MacBook Pro range.

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