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Review: As Far As The Eye

A tough learning curve leads to an exceptional and challenging experience.

Review: Legend of Keepers

Help the monsters to defeat the greedy humans.

Review: Dead Island 2

Kill zombies in LA - wait a second, that's not an Island! Ah well, Dead Island 2 is a solid if brainless way to splatter zombies regardless.

Review: Not for Broadcast

A hilarious FMV with multiple endings.

Review: Ayre and the Crystal Comet

An open world adventure that will leave you wanting.

Review: Hyper-5

An old-school premise with a modern edge.

Preview: Bat Boy

An old-school experience with little originality.

Review: Mangavania

An old-school platformer that will test your accuracy and memory.

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Review – Slayers X: Terminal Aftermath: Vengance of the Slayer

Take a trip back to the late nineties wile you fire broken glass at werewolves to avenge your sainted mother! It's Slayers X!

Review: Afterimage

Review: Demon Skin