Huawei Upgrades Devices’ Gaming Performance with GPU Turbo Update

Huawei Consumer Business Group revealed the release schedule for GPU Turbo, a graphics processing technology built from the ground up, that will revamp the...

Apple iOS 6.1 Affecting 3G Performance on iPhone 4S

Apple's iOS 6.1 operating system  has been confirmed to be affecting 3G performance on the iPhone 4S. Vodafone pointed out the issue on its website and...

Microsoft talks about Internet Explorer Performance Lab

In the next article on Windows 8, Microsoft talks about Internet Explorer Performance Lab: reliably measuring browser performance.

Introducing ExpressCache from Diskeeper

ExpressCache from Diskeeper improves PC speeds by incorporating Solid State Drive (SSD) technology advances into a Windows 7 system to provide near-instantaneous access to the most frequently accessed data.

Kingston Digital Unveils First SandForce-Based SSD

Today we reviewed one of Kingston's SSD drives. A few days ago Kingston announced their first SandForce-based SSD.

HP Release New Version of iStream App for HP MediaSmart Windows Home Servers

A few days ago HP released an update to their iStream app for the iPhone and iPod Touch that enables you to communicate with your HP MediaSmart Server.

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