Twitter Confirms up to 250,000 Users Compromised in Hacking Attack

Twitter has confirmed that up to a quarter of a million user accounts may have been subject following a security breach by "sophisticated" hackers.

Windows 8 : Signing In with a Picture Password

One of the new features coming in Windows 8 is the ability to sign in using a Picture Password. Microsoft have posted a detailed article on how this works and it’s worth reading.

Windows Server code name VAIL Password Expiration Date Change – Video Edition

Have you been annoyed by the 42 day password change prompt in Windows Server code name Vail? I changed the default setting on my Windows Server Vail and made a short video of the process.

Now We Know–Vail Password Expiration

I was told I had to change my password in Vail today. Since when does my server tell me what to do?

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