Synology Launches DX510 NAS Expansion Solution

Coming only a few days after the launch of the DiskStation DS410, Synology have announced the launch of the DX510 expansion solution for use with the DS1010+ and the DS710+.

Synology Launches DiskStation DS410 NAS

This week Synology launched a new 4-bay all-in-one NAS server called the DiskStation DS410 (not to be confused with the DS410j). Only a week ago Synology released a new version of their DiskStation Manager software.

Synology Release DiskStation Manager 2.3 Firmware Update

Synology make a number of different NAS products that you can use in your home or office network. Today they announced the release of the DiskStation Manager 2.3 firmware update which brings a number of new and enhanced features, including a surveillance app for the iPhone.

Western Digital Home Backup and Media Server

Yesterday Western Digital announced its newly redesigned My Book World Edition network storage drive. Designed for consumers who have multiple computers on a home network, the new drive will be available in 1 terabyte and 2 terabyte capacities, and is compatible with PC and Mac computers.

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