CrashPlan Release Apps for iOS and Android

If you are a CrashPlan user, you can now use your iOS device or your Android device to retrieve any of your backed up data.

Access Mac and Windows on the go with Parallels Mobile

Last week we told you that Parallels 7 was released. We also mentioned the iOS app. Now it’s out and we can tell you more!

Google+ App for iOS Gets Updated to

Today saw Google update it’s Google+ app to

Stem Innovation Announces iZON Remote Room Monitor

Are you looking for a security camera that can live stream to your Apple iOS device and even record to YouTube? Then take a look at the iZON Remote Room Monitor.

Skype Launch Skype WiFi App for iOS Devices

Today Skype launched it’s Skype WiFi App for iOS devices that enables you to connect to over 1 million WiFi hotposts around the world.

Google+ App Gets Updated – Now Works on iPad

Today saw Google update it’s Google+ app – and now it is fully supported and works on the iPad and the iPod Touch.

Google+ App for iPhone Gets Updated Already

Earlier today we reported on the release of the Google+ app for the iPhone. Well it seems that due to an error, the version on the App Store was a test version and so now there is an update!

Google+ App Now Available for Apple iPhones

Are you part of the Google+ crowd? If so, there is a Google+ app now available in the Apple App Store - but only for the iPhone.

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