Installing the Connector Software for Windows Home Server Vail

Now that Microsoft have released a public version of WHS Vail, it’s time to start looking at it in more detail. In this article we show you how to install the new Connector software.

Windows Media Center – Ceton Prime Part Five (Start Up and Windows Installation)

This is the fifth of five articles about my Windows Media Center build in anticipation of the new Ceton CableCARD tuner release. Tonight I will be talking briefly about the Startup and Windows installation in the Alienware P2 Chassis.

Creating a Windows 7 Installation USB Drive on a Friday night

Tonight I will show you how to load a Window 7 Installation Disk onto a USB Drive. A short video shows you the process and walks you through the preparation steps

A Little Review of USB Installs

So everyone has heard that with the upcoming Windows 7 you can install via a USB stick. Well it is not just that one operating system; Win XP, Vista and Windows Home Server can also be done this way.

How To Perform a Server Reinstallation of Windows Home Server

Continuing our series of “How To….” guides, this one is all about how to perform a server reinstallation of the Windows Home Server software in the event of a problem, or just because you want to.

How To Install Windows Home Server

Continuing our series of “How To….” guides, this one is all about how to install the Windows Home Server software.

Using Windows Home Server to upgrade your client hard drive on a Friday night

Most of us have a laptop that probably came with an 80GB or 120 GB hard drive. It has almost certainly crossed your mind to upgrade the drive when a company like Newegg has 250GB to 500GB laptop drives for $79.99. I know for me, upgrading seems like a pain and I do not want to take the time to mess with it. Please read on to see how WHS can make your hard drive replacement as painless and as fast as possible.

Add-in Review : Diskeeper 2009 HomeServer Edition and Giveaway

Here we review the Diskeeper 2009 HomeServer edition Add-in for Windows Home Server and provide an in-depth installation walk-through, along with a great giveaway.

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