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Grant Sebastian

Grant has been in the IT industry since 1988. Starting off on the Help Desk, he has progressed to spend the past 11 years as an Microsoft SQL Database Administrator. He is currently a contractor to a Government Department in Canberra, Australia. He has extensive travel experience through Europe, Canada and USA. He also is developing other business ventures that use the power of the internet. His Windows Home Sever currently run on a Dell sc430 PowerEdge with 3.7TB of storage. Other machines in his environment are a HP DL380 running a Linux firewall, multiple Dell PowerEdges as desktops, a Windows Vista Media Centre with quad HD tuner cards and a nice money saving VoIP box from Linksys.

A Little Review of USB Installs

So everyone has heard that with the upcoming Windows 7 you can install via a USB stick. Well it is not just that one operating system; Win XP, Vista and Windows Home Server can also be done this way.

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