Naomi Kyle Interview at E3 2014

At E3 I had the chance to talk with Naomi Kyle, face of IGN’s The Daily Fix show about IGN, the Atari ET dig, her work with BAFTA and more.

Microsoft’s Whitten Talks About DRM and Kinect Always On

More information is coming out regarding Xbox One policies, including the fact that you'll need to install a day one patch. Speaking to IGN, Mark...

Forza Horizon Honda Challenge Car Pack available on Xbox LIVE for free

Microsoft, Playground Games, and Turn 10 Studios have announced that you can download a FREE Honda Challenge Car Pack for Forza Horizon from Xbox Live.

Forza Horizon Rally Expansion Pack available from tomorrow on Xbox LIVE

Microsoft, Playground Games, and Turn 10 Studios have announced that the Forza Horizon Rally Expansion Pack is available to download starting tomorrow, Tuesday 18th December on Xbox LIVE.

Metro Last Light Survival Diary video

Just surviving in the world of Metro is an enormous struggle. Prepare for a new gameplay trailer by checking out the latest survival diary courtesy of IGN.

Forza Horizon December IGN Car Park details revealed

Forza Horizon gives players intense action racing experiences on the wide open roads of Colorado and the December IGN Car Pack serves up even more thrills with some truly unique cars. Available Tuesday, 4th December on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, the December IGN Car Pack’s limited-production exotics and all-conquering off-roaders can tackle any of the diverse road surfaces of Forza Horizon.

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When a metaphorical GOAT meets an actual goat, what do you get? Well, a 2D fighting game that also combines an ingenious and humorous...

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