App Update: Chrome browser for iPhone and iPad version 27.0.1453.10

If you are fan of Google’s Chrome browser you can now get it as an app for both the iPhone and iPad and it’s just been updated to version 27.0.1453.10.

Google updates YouTube Capture App to version 1.4 brings massive upload speed improvements

Google has released an update to its YouTube Capture app.

App Update: Google+ for iOS Gets Updated to Version 4.4.0

Google have just updated it’s Google+ app for iOS devices.

Google Demands “immediate withdrawal” of YouTube app on Windows Phone

Google is believed to have demanded the "immediate withdrawal" of the YouTube app on Windows Phone 8. The app was developed and released by...

Google celebrates 37th anniversary of Breakout with game

Today is the 37th anniversary of the classic game Breakout and Google are celebrating it in their usual way with something a little different.

New Nexus 7 tipped for Release as soon as June

Google is expected to release the next generation Nexus 7 tablet as early as June. KGI Securities analyst Mingchu Kuo claims that Google is preparing...

Windows Phone 8 gets Revamped YouTube App

Google has released a new and improved native YouTube app for Windows Phone 8. The previous edition of the video-sharing service was a bare-bones...

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