NVIDIA shows Project SHIELD running Borderlands 2

NVIDIA have released a video of Project SHIELD running Borderlands 2.

Atari US Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Atari US has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, it has been revealed.

Elgato Game Capture HD 1.2.1 software update now available

Elgato has released an update for its Elgato Game Capture HD device.

Elgato Game Capture HD now supports streaming with XSplit Broadcaster

Elgato and SplitmediaLabs today announced that users of Elgato Game Capture HD can now take full advantage of XSplit Broadcaster’s powerful live streaming capabilities.

CES 2013 : Mad Catz video preview

Last week at CES we caught up with old friend Alex Verrey and showed us some new things for 2013.

A preview and video of NVIDIA Project SHIELD in action at CES 2013

Last week at CES NVIDIA announced their handheld gaming console codename Project SHIELD. Later at CES we got a behind closed doors look at it.

NVIDIA officially announces the TEGRA 4

Last night at their press conference in Las Vegas, NVIDIA finally officially announced “the worst kept secret” – their TEGRA 4 chip.

NVIDIA announces Project SHIELD portable gaming device

At their press conference last night here in Las Vegas, NVIDIA announced Project SHIELD, a gaming portable for open platforms, designed for gamers who yearn to play when, where and how they want.

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