aTV Flash (black) Beta4 Released for AppleTV 2

Yesterday FireCore released Beta4 of their aTV Flash (black) software for the AppleTV 2 bringing lots of new features.

Firecore Release Seas0nPass Jailbreak Tools Package for AppleTV Users

If you are an AppleTV user you probably know that there are no AppleTV specific jailbreak tools available for you to use – well that is until today when Firecore released Seas0nPass.

FireCore Update MiRow to Version 1.03

FireCore, the makers of the aTV Flash software for the AppleTV have just released an update to their MiRow software, taking it to version 1.03.

Firecore Release aTV Flash 4.2 for the Apple TV

Firecore have today released version 4.2 of aTV Flash for the Apple TV.

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