EGX 2022 – Hands-On with Tiny Bookshop!

When I discovered Tiny Bookshop by Neoludic Games at EGX 2022 I fell in love with this game almost instantly. Partly because of my...

News: EGX 2022

EGX 2022 has big, big plans.

Events: EGX 2021

EGX 2021

Today ‘Forgotton Anne’ has been revealed at EGX 2016

Today at this year EGX the Square Enix Collective has today announced its latest game  Forgotton Anne - in a worldwide exclusive at EGX,...

City of the Shroud coming to EGX this week

City of the Shroud, the beautiful tactical RPG written by a chart-topping author Moira Katson has been Kickstarted and Greenlit and now Brighton-based studio...

Square Enix Collective – Worldwide Exclusive Game Reveal at EGX

Square Enix Collective, fresh from the success of launching the highly acclaimed first-person puzzler, The Turing Test - Very Positive on Steam with 400+...

Bespoke Arcades announces UK tour dates

Today Bespoke Arcades, has announced that they will be bringing their entire selection of award-winning Arcade Cabinets to key gaming events in the run up...

Super Dungeon Bros rocks EGX Rezzed this week

Wired Productions, has today announced that  Super Dungeon Bros, the upcoming rock-themed, co-op dungeon brawler, will be available to play at Eurogamer’s EGX Rezzed, this...

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