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Events: EGX 2023


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EGX 2023 is upon us again! This annual event promises an array of booths, entertainment, and all things gaming. However, will this live up to its hype, or will it fall flat? I arrived in giddy spirit and was hopeful of an array of indie teams, triple-A developers, and plenty of tech stalls!

Sega and Nintendo have successfully put on an amazing show. Both of their teams have done them proud and the games that they are showing were genuinely impressive. Consequently, these areas were always busy, and the queues were lengthy at times. You can also try out the upcoming COD title and Prince of Persia if you so wish. As such, there are some great triple-A titles to get your hands on.

Technology and giveaways.

The three main players from the tech world are Cyberpower, HP Omen, and PlaySeat. The first of these has an eye-catching stand that comprises 12 high-end PCs and a team of knowledgeable and diligent workers. They are sponsored by Corsair, so every one of their machines is spectacular, vivid, and a dream to play. Alongside this, they have their Hex Pod with a beast of a machine for you to try. This wonderful space proves that compact areas can still be a dream gaming environment.

HP Omen, on the other hand, is understated! Their smaller booth highlights the key products from their ranges and could be missed if you get distracted. However, like Cyberpower, their team is fantastic, and I was thoroughly impressed with their knowledge of the gear they had on offer.

PlaySeat will catch your eye thanks to their full racing set-ups and Forza competition. This was the first thing I tried out, and I wasn’t disappointed. The comfortable racing cage combined with the Logitech racing wheel blew me away. On top of this, they have a competition running to win a full racing set-up!

All of these stands are running great giveaways and there is something new on each day of the event. As such, I recommend that you head to these booths early to get ahead of the crowd.


Rezzed is where EGX 2023 excels. There are some incredible developers and publishers, and I had an amazing time experiencing their awesome products. My highlights from the day are PQube, Kwalee, Outright Games, Secret Mode, and Oxymoron Games. Each of these booths was filled with exciting titles that were easy to play. Furthermore, the crew were genuinely excited to talk about their products.

I got my hands on Knight Vs Giant: The Broken Excaliber, RESISTOR, and Pocket Bravery. Kwalee let me chance my hand at Wildmender and The Precinct Game. On top of this, Oxymoron Games delivered an exceptional experience with their challenging but fun title, Silence of the Siren. Moreover, I adored Loddlenaut, Make Way, and Stampede Racing Royale. Each of these games deserves your attention and I recommend heading to these booths to give them a go.

Family fun!

I was impressed with the family zone at EGX 2023. Though it was sparse, Outright Games made it their own. This much-loved publisher has an array of older and new games for your youngsters to enjoy. Subsequently, this event caters for players from all age groups. Alongside this, they have both Transformers EARTHSPARK – Expedition and The Grinch Christmas Adventure for you to try out. As such, your munchkins will be entertained for hours.

Was EGX 2023 a success?

If you love board games, retro gaming, and TikTok, then you’ll adore the additional areas of EGX 2023. I stuck to the core gaming sections and there was plenty for me to do and loads of people to talk to. However, I could easily lose a day or 2 in the retail section and watching the array of talks on offer. Accordingly, though I wanted more tech stalls, I wasn’t disappointed and I think EGX 2023 was a success.

(For more information on EGX and to buy tickets, click here!)

Daniel Waite
Daniel Waite
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