Tag:Eastasiasoft Limited

Review: Color Pals

A colourful indie title that is simple and enjoyable.

Review: Ayre and the Crystal Comet

An open world adventure that will leave you wanting.

Review: Hyper-5

An old-school premise with a modern edge.

Review: Cions of Vega

A tale of love, loss, and fear.

Review: RunBean Galactic

Addictive, cruel, but unbelievably fun.

Review: Tricky Thief

https://youtu.be/cUn2-rwKk90 Tricky Thief lets gamers forget about hectic action and violence. Instead, it asks you to test your mind as well as your logical thinking....

Review: Pocket Witch

A Precision platformer that'll make you scream.

Review: The Redress of Mira

A rare miss from Tonguc Bodur

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