Tag:Eastasiasoft Limited

Review: Squad Killer

A retro arcade game that ticks all the old-school boxes.

Review: Hellbreachers

A colourful platform game with a modern twist.

Review: Retrace: Memories of Death

Logical thinking and a good memory are required to overcome this dark and sinister title.

Review: Void Gore

Hungry for gold? Not scared of demons? Void Gore is the perfect game for you then!

Review: Habroxia 2

https://youtu.be/hx05HLr_BJU Shoot 'em-ups have been a go to genre for me since I started gaming. The hellishly difficult chapters, the variety in enemies and bosses, and...

Review: Project Starship X

A fast-paced and hectic bullet hell game awaits anyone who takes on this retro sequel.

Review: Teratopia

Choose wisely, plan each situation and banish the red creatures back to their home world.

Review: Habroxia

Indie and retro gamers will love this old-school side scrolling shooter.

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