First details of Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar Expansion

Also at EA Play, Battlefield 1 will be getting night time maps this summer as well as a brand new In the Name of...

EA debuts Star Wars Battlefront 2 at this years E3

This first press conference for this years E3 was EA, the company debuted Star Wars Battlefront 2, including a lengthy look at multiplayer. The...

Star Wars: Battlefront II coming to PC/Xbox One and PS4 this November

Today EA has announced Star Wars: Battlefront II, to be a new take on the Rebel Alliance, think again. The new game will focus on...

EA/Dice announces Beta date for Battlefield 1 are you ready

With Gamescom getting ready to kick off this week in Germany, which means we are going to be getting lots of news this week...

Mirrors Edge Catalyst is now out for Xbox One/PS4/PC

Electronic Arts and Dice, has today announced the official launch of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst here in the United Kingdom, available in retail stores and as a...

The next Battlefield game is called Battlefield 1 set in World War 1

Electronic Arts and DICE have announced Battlefield 1 during a special event. Battlefield 1 will you bring a horse to a tank fight and squad-up...

Star Wars Battlefront gets updated for Xbox One/PS4/PC

DICE is updating Star Wars Battlefront today for a new patch for the game. The patch will be released for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One and full...

Star Wars Battlefront – Battle of Jakku: Live from London tonight

Let’s play Star Wars Battlefront - Battle of Jakku: Live from London (#StarWarsBattlefrontLondon) is taking place today, and will include the world premiere of The...

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