Windows Home Server V1 and Pinpoint

Microsoft have announced that their Pinpoint applications guide will have a new category for Windows Home Server V1 so if you are a developer of V1 add-ins you will want to sign up.

Updated Windows Home Server SDK Video from Channel 9

The guys over at Channel 9 have a video on the updated Windows Home Server SDK.

WHS Vail SDK Dashboard Introduction

Microsoft have released a new document for the WHS Vail SDK called Introduction to Vail SDK Document #1 Dashboard.

Windows Home Server Vail SDK

Do you want to develop some add-ins for the new version of Windows Home Server? If the answer is yes, then you are going to need the SDK.

Newbie Windows Home Server Developer Kit Released

Nick over at Asoft has contacted us to let us know that he has put together a collection of really useful documents and guides to help would-be Windows Home Server add-in developers get to grips with their first add-in.

Windows Home Server Developers : Undocumented WHS classes: QSMMgr

If you are a developer, or are thinking about starting to develop your own add-ins for Windows Home Server, then you should check out a new article by Nick Asseloos.

WHS Add-in Development Tutorial

If you are interested in learning more about developing Add-ins for your Windows Home Server, one of my fellow MVP's, Sam Wood, has taken the time to create a really interesting tutorial.

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