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Data Robotics are now called Drobo

We have talked about Data Robotics and their Drobo devices here at UWHS previously, well now Data Robotics have changed their name to Drobo!

Drobo to the Rescue For Unhappy Windows Home Server Users?

In a clever piece of marketing, Drobo are offering discounts to Windows Home Server users who are unhappy with the news about Drive Extender being removed.

Drobo S DAS Device Now with USB 3.0

The Drobo S NAS device from Data Robotics has been around for a little while, but now there is a new USB 3.0 version.

Quick Review of the Drobo NAS

It may have been around for a while, but the Drobo NAS is very popular, so here is our quick review.

Data Robotics Launch the Drobo FS

Data Robotics have just launched a new Drobo unit, called the Drobo FS which is designed for file sharing.

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