Watch Ubisoft Press Conference Here

Today (10th June) is one of the biggest days in the gaming calendar, with all four E3 press conferences taking place later this evening. Each...

Watch the Sony E3 Conference on your PS Vita

Sony will stream it upcoming E3 press conference on PlayStation Vita devices, SCEE blog manager Fred Dutton has confirmed on the publisher's official site. Speaking...

Windows 8 Release Preview available first week of June

At the Windows 8 Developer Days conference in Japan Microsoft announced that the Windows 8 Release Preview would be available the first week of June 2012.

Apple Confirm Lion Will Be Released from its Cage Tomorrow

There have been lots of rumours about the release of Apple’s next OS, called Lion and it’s release date. Well tonight Apple have confirmed that it will be released tomorrow!

Apple OS X 10 Lion – Out Tomorrow?

There are lots of rumours about the release of Apple’s next OS, called Lion and it’s release date. It does however look very likely that it will be tomorrow!

Video of Ford SYNC AppLink Controlling Pandora With Your Voice

One of the trend tracks I attended yesterday at the Forward with Ford 2011 conference was called Emerging Technologies. During this session Ford demonstrated AppLink, which is a SYNC component and how it works with Pandora.

Video of SYNC with MyFord Touch in Action at Forward With Ford 2011

One of the sessions I attended today was on Emerging Technologies, and during the session I saw a live demo of SYNC with MyFord Touch.

Forward With Ford 2011 – Futuring and Trend Conference

This week sees an exclusive two day media event being hosted by Ford at their world wide headquarters in Detroit, USA, and I am lucky enough to be invited.

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