PS Vita gets updated to 3.10 New 100 app limit increased

Today Sony are releasing PlayStation Vita system software update version 3.10 with lots of new features. Home screen Sony announced that you will now be able to display...

Samsung Launch ChatON App for iOS for Free Chat to Android and Others

Do you have an iOS device and would like to chat with your friends on Android? If so, then you should take a look at a free app from Samsung called ChatON.

Skype and Tely Labs Partner to Bring HD Video Calling to TVs Using telyHD

Have you wanted to use Skype in your living room on your TV but don’t have a computer connected? Well now you can with telyHD!

Skype Beta Brings Facebook to Facebooks Calls

Skype have launched a beta that includes Facebook to Facebook calls from within Skype.

Gaming Voice Chat Server using Windows Home Server

If you've ever played a game with a group of friends, you'll know that being able to communicate often results in superior performance, especially in games where cooperation is required. Windows Home Server provides a solid base for running your own Voice Chat server.

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